What Equipment Do I Need To Keep My Swimming Pool Clean?

Owning a pool can provide you with fun and excitement. But you have to keep the pool area clean and well maintained. Don't put off cleaning the pool because you think it's too difficult. All that's needed is the knowledge of how it needs to be done and the right tools.

The most useful tool in cleaning a pool is a system that has both a pump and a filter. The pump will direct the water into the filter where the particles and dirt will be gathered and dissolved. A pump can measure anywhere between .75 and 1.5 HP. You must clean your filter on a regular basis, whether cartridge or sand filtration is used. This will ensure the best level of operation.

Vacuums aren't just for cleaning rugs but can also be of a type that cleans a swimming pool. This type of vacuum addresses the pool floor. There are many types of pool vacuums available for purchase. This tool consists of a vacuum head, telescoping pole and a hose attachment. You can choose between automatic and manual types of vacuums. A manual vacuum uses pump pressure to remove dirt from the floor of the pool and deliver it to the filtration system. If you want to save time and energy, go for the automatic type. Automatics are more efficient and more expensive than manual ones. You can operate the automatic by attaching it to the suction system or your pool. There are also plenty of automatic vacuums that use water pressure to power themselves. Other more expensive ones are controlled by a computer.

Your pool cleaning system should include a good skimmer and basket. Large dirt particles will be prevented from entering the filter if you use the skimmer regularly. The debris will gather in the pump basket. Each time you vacuum or check the pool you should empty this basket. You can also use your leaf skimmer to get settled dirt off the floor of the pool. A skimmer is usually fashioned of netting that has a long handle so it can be used to clean the pool by hand.

You absolutely must have a leaf net over your pool if your property has lots of leaves. Putting a leaf net over your pool's surface will prevent leaves from falling into the pool. The pool should be smaller than the actual net. At the end of autumn, simply clean your leaf net, roll it up, and store it for the next year.

You need brushes to remove dirt and grime from the interior walls and the pool floor. You can get different kinds of brushes to clean your pool. To clean more efficiently, you can put a cleaning solution on your brush prior to scrubbing the walls and floor.

The pool can be cleaned with chemicals as well as by equipment that runs mechanically. These chemicals will fight bacteria and other water contaminants. Chemicals such as bromine or chlorine disinfect the pool water. You can get these in tablet or granule form. Be sure to add these granules at or after sunset. This maximizes the efficiency of the chemical by preventing loss to evaporation. Place the tablets in a floating feeder.

Tip: Keeping your pool chemistry balanced and keeping your pool clean can save you money over the long run, because incorrect pool chemistry and poor pool conditions can cause equipment failures and pool plaster deterioration. Keep your pool in top shape by contacting a pool cleaning service.

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