The Importance Of Supervising Your Child Around A Swimming Pool

Anyone watching the child (brothers and sisters, sitters, grandparents, parents, and so on) must know that it is essential to watch the child constantly.

A child can be endangered around any body of water by his or her natural curiosity. This includes the smallest amount of water such as a bucketful, and the largest, such as the ocean. According to the NSPSC people who are drowning rarely yell for help or even splash. Drowning is both silent and preventable.

If you have a child near a body of water, you must be ever vigilant. You must never leave any child alone near a swimming pool or any other open water. This precaution includes buckets of water, the toilet, the bathtub, wading pools, puddles, streams, pools, lakes, and so on. No matter how shallow the water is or how good a swimmer your child may be, accidents can happen and do.

Your supervision is essential. You cannot trust an inflatable toy or any other flotation device to keep your child safe. Your child might be in danger if the device suddenly deflates or simply becomes disengaged.

Promote pool safety: You shouldn't presume that small kids will exercise precaution near open water. Kids need continual reminders about parental supervision and the danger of running near the pool.

TIp: In addition to properly supervising children around swimming pools, you should always maintain the pool systems and keep the pool clean. Malfunctioning equipment or improper chemical usage can cause injury to any pool users, not just children. If you don't have time to properly maintain your pool, you should contact a Houston pool cleaning service.

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