Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Beware of the 'deadly too’s' - that is, when you are too chilled, too sun-drenched, too exhausted and too overworked.

If you are overheated, don't swim.

Be aware of your limitations when it comes to swimming - and don't exceed them. Resist the urge to equal the pace of an expert swimmer - and don't urge others to stay apace with yourself. Pay attention to less expert swimmers, and suggest that they take a break if they look fatigued.

Don't disobey signs that prohibit diving - they are there to let you know head-first dives are unsafe. Prior to plunging into any water, know how deep it is. When unsure how deep the water is, generally you should step into the water rather than dive headlong into it. Moreover, you should learn proper diving techniques from a certified expert.

Be aware of your local forecast, and be ready in the event of lightning. Since water is a conductor of electricity, cease swimming when you spy or hear a storm brewing.

TIp: Keeping your pool clean and free of debris is an important step in ensuring pool safety. If you don't want to clean your pool yourself, or you don't have time to do so, contact a Houston pool cleaning company today.

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