Pool Cover Care and Maintenance

• When you first install the cover, it is important that the springs feel tight. Gradually, the cover will become less taut as the tension lessens.

• The design of the cover is aimed at keeping foliage and dirt from entering the pool. You need the right concentration of chlorine and algae-inhibitor in order to enjoy water with excellent clarity.

• Over the winter, it is essential to keep the water no lower than 18 inches from the top edge of your pool.

• Neglecting this precaution puts the cover under stress and makes the warranty void.

• If a cover is installed correctly, washing off dirt and debris is not a challenge.

• A cover with accordion folds is simpler to take off and later reinstall.

• For storage purposes, use the mesh bag that came with the cover. Suspend the mesh bag off the ground in order to allow proper drainage.

• Avoid stuck anchor fittings by washing them out a few times yearly.

• If your pool has a solid cover, you would remove the cover and open the mesh panel on the top. Fold it back, and then you can clean out the debris screen.

• Eliminate smaller particles by washing off the area beneath the filter screen. Then secure the panel and store.

Tip: The pool cover is just one part of the pool you need to maintain. If you don't have time, contact a pool care service today.

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