Maintenance Tips for Above Ground Pools

Cover your swimming pool screw heads with clear nail polish or lacquer. You can prevent corrosion and rust of the verticals and ledges, as well as cover scratches, by using clear nail polish or lacquer.

Protect your pool frame and wall from weather damage by coating it with wax.

Make sure your pool always has some water in it. Never leave it empty. Your pool frame and wall may suffer damage and shrinkage if left empty.

Keep in mind that "Thru The Wall" fittings can cause problems. For example, if you remove the pool liner and/or dismantle the pool, when you put it back together, it may be impossible to get perfect realignment. This could cause you some expense in replacing the liner of the pool.

Remember that pool components, such as pool deck, ladder or the structure of the pool, can be compromised by loose bolts and excessive wear and tear, so examine your pool regularly to attend to these issues. Be sure the metal parts of the pool wall and frame have not deteriorated or corroded. Address corrosion problems and touch up the areas with paint. Corrosion and deterioration can cause structural failure. This may cause massive quantities of water to suddenly be released, causing damage to life and limb, as well as personal and real property.

A leaking skimmer can damage your pool wall by causing splits and leaks. Your pool warranty won't cover this, so be diligent in checking your skimmer for leaks. Once you have assembled your pool and filled it with water, don't try to change or disassemble any part of the structure. If you don't pay attention to this warning, you could end up with a collapsed pool. This is a very serious matter that can cause a great deal of damage, injury and even death.

Tip: Contact a pool care company if you don't have time to maintain your swimming pool.

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