How To Take Care Of Your Swimming Pool Slide

Taking care of your pool slide:

1. General Cleaning of Plastic and Acrylic Components of Swimming Pools and Slides:
• Non-abrasive soap and water should be utilized whenever possible.
• Review the cleaner's guidelines before using it.
• Try not to utilize harsh disinfectants and chemicals.

Safe products to use include:
• Chlorox
• Spic & Span Powder
• Mr. Clean
• Calgon Bath Oil Beads
• Formula 409
• Soft Scrub
• Liquid Comet
• Glass Plus
• Windex

Avoid using:
• Lysol Disinfectant Spray.
• Dow Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner.
• Whitecap
• Pinesol
• Lestoil

2. Abrasions, gloss, light scratches, etc.:
* It is possible to utilize the following substances to remove light scratches and abrasions and restore the original full gloss.

• Novus Plastic Polish (Novus, Inc.)
• Mirror Glaze Professional Formula #17 (Mirror Bright Polish Co., Irvine, CA)
• Permatex Plastic Cleaner #403D (Permatex Co., Kansas City, KS)
• “J-Wax” or “Kit” Automotive Cleaner / Waxes (S.C. Johnson & Son)
• Turtlewax "White Polish" or DuPont automotive polishing compound.

Light Scratches:
* Gel-Glass or Permatex Plastic Cleaner can be used to hand polish scuff marks, haze and very light scratches. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Using a clean cotton cloth is efficient when it comes to polishing and buffing.

* Our acrylic manufacturer has provided us these suggestions, which we find reliable and safe to follow. These suggestions, as much as they come with good faith, are not 100% guaranteed to work, as some environmental factors are unpredictable.

Tip: Contact a professional pool cleaner if you need help cleaning your pool equipment.

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