How To Take Care Of Your Swimming Pool Equipment


Using an automated pool cleaner can really cut back the amount of time and energy invested in routine upkeep. Using a metal or mineral remover is vital if you use well water in your swimming pool.


Filter cleaning and maintenance includes cleaning filter cartridges. To do this, you must soak the cartridges in cleaning solution for a full twenty-four hours. Then you should clean them with the hose and re-install them. D.E. filters need to be taken apart and sanitized one time each season, at a minimum. Have you had your sand filtration system for three to five years already? In this case, you should consult with your pool service to determine if the sand needs replacing. You may have a clogged skimmer basket or pump if you see that your pressure gauge has suddenly taken a plunge to a very low reading.

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Performing a clean out of the pool's diatomaceous earth or sand will help you be certain that your pool will be ready to go when the pool season begins again. You should clean or backwash your filter regularly to be sure that you get the best in energy efficiency and filtration power.

Gaskets, O-rings and rubber fittings

Here are some things you should know about rubber fittings, O rings and gaskets -- You must check the gaskets on a regular basis and replace them as needed if your pool is equipped with a junction box that is mounted on the deck. By doing this, you will ascertain that water cannot get into the box. You can prevent your gaskets, rubber fittings and O rings from drying out during the off season by coating them with silicone O ring lube before shutting your pool down for the season.


If you want your heater to work with the greatest efficiency, you must perform regular, preventative maintenance. This must include a yearly inspection, as well as lime removal from the heat exchanger as needed.


Pay close attention to your lighting because the use of color changing lights or fiber optic lights can really make swimming more fun.


Shut off your pool's pump equipment prior to running the multiple-port valve feature. If you hear your pump running loudly or making strange sounds, turn it off right away and call your pool service pro. You may have a clogged impeller if the pump motor makes a humming sound but doesn't start. Turn it off and check to see if you need to remove some debris. You should routinely monitor and clean out both your pool skimmer and pump baskets.


Pay close attention to maintenance of your skimmers. When your pump switches off, your skimmer basket may tend to tip over. You can prevent this by putting a small fishing weight or a rock in the basket. Be certain that the weight is big enough not to be sucked into the suction pipe under the basket. Ensure that the skimmer component is properly positioned and that its movement isn't inhibited. Be sure to routinely examine and clean out your pool's pump baskets along with the skimmer.

Tip: Contact a pool cleaning Houston company if you don't have time to maintain your swimming pool equipment.

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