How To Open Your Pool Successfully

 If you want to enjoy your pool quickly at the beginning of the season or when you first install it, using correct pool start-up procedures will both speed things up and help you avoid problems throughout the swimming season.

1. Here are some things you'll want to attend to: Removal, cleaning and storage of your pool cover, vacuuming and brushing. Be sure to remember to use a deodorizing cleaner on your pool cover. A simple method for commencing the step of vacuuming and cleaning is called the Pool Buster. Remove any debris and sand from the skimmer.

2. The height of the water needs to be about half way from the top of the opening of the skimmer. When adding water, be sure to use the Hayward Bobby Disposable Filter on your fill hose. This will remove metal from the water.

3. Get the equipment ready, being sure to adhere to the manufacturer instructions.

4. You can balance your pool water by bringing a one quart sample to a professional pool water testing dealer. Here you will be able to purchase a thorough water quality analysis. Remember to get your pool's chlorine stabilizer assessed. To achieve the right water balance, adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations.

5. Eliminate organic or natural waste by using a pound of pool shock for each ten thousand gallons of water in the pool. Be sure to dissolve shock in advance using a clean plastic bottle. Measure at a ratio no greater than one pound for each gallon of water. Gradually empty this into the swimming pool by going around its border.

6. Inhibit the growth of algae with a treatment of algae inhibitor at a strength of one qt. to each 25,000 gallons.

7. Disinfecting the pool water on a continual basis. Routine cleaning will include the application of chlorine with tablets added to the automatic chlorinator. The chlorine concentration should always be a minimum of 1 part per million to destroy bacteria on a continual basis.

Tip: Contact a pool care service if you would like a professional to open your pool. 

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