How To Make Your Swimming Pool Safe

Erect barriers to enhance pool and spa safety and prevent access by kids unattended by adults. You should be sure to install a fence that is a minimum height of four feet with a well-maintained, secure self-latching gate. Some very good safety features include self-latching/closing devices and alarm systems on all doors, covers and gates. Remember that this will not replace parental supervision; however, it will help keep children away from the pool and may help you know when children are attempting to access the pool. Utilize these various barriers in a layered system of protection for maximum pool safety.

Remove pool toys when not in use: Pool toys act as a magnet to kids, which is a danger if adult supervision is lacking.

Be sure your child is water-savvy by enrolling him or her in a water safety course very early on. In this way, your child will always be able to enjoy fun in the water while using the best safety practices.

Pay attention to forecasts: Be aware of the weather outlook in your area, and be ready in case of an electrical storm. Leave the water when you detect a lightning storm is coming, since water is a conductor of electricity.

Tip: Having a clean pool area is the first step towards a safe pool environment. If you don't have time to properly take care of your pool, you should look for pool cleaning services right away.

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