How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Water Clean

What must I know about pool water quality? You must replace the reagents once a year to be sure of always getting accurate readings.

Why is this important? Be sure to test the free chlorine and pH levels in your pool weekly and add chemicals as you need to. By doing this, you will always have a high level of water quality.

Why is correct chemical usage essential? If you want to keep a healthy pool, you must use chemicals properly. When adding chemicals to your pool, follow the manufacturer's instructions for the size of pool you are treating to the letter.

What will an algaecide do? Before you cover your pool for the winter, add chlorine and an algaecide. By doing this, you can be sure there will be no algae in the water when you take off the cover at the beginning of the next swim season.

Tip: If you don't want to maintain your pool yourself, contact a professional pool care service.

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