How To Keep Children From Drowning

The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that the major cause of accidental death in children under the age of five is drowning. Most accidental drowning deaths happen in quarries, lakes, the ocean, and other natural settings; however, some also happen in swimming pools. Drowning can occur in water of any depth. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, children have been known to drown in toilets and water buckets.

Many groups, including regulatory groups, safety and health organizations and the aquatic industry are deeply concerned with child safety in aquatic environments. Their concern is not just limited to pools, but also includes all aquatic environments. The responsibility for accident prevention falls upon the pool owner or caretaker of the pool and/or the parent of the child.

  1. Never leave children unattended near or in water.
  2. Do not rely on water safety devices.
  3. Do not rely on swim classes.
  4. Lock up family pools.
  5. Be cautious around outdoor sources of water.
  6. Do not keep standing water accessible to children in the home.
  7. Do not let children ingest water while swimming or bathing.
  8. Learn infant and child CPR.
  9. Teach children about water safety.

Tip: A clean, clutter-free pool is important in preventing pool accidents. If you cannot maintain your pool yourself, consider getting pool cleaning services.

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