How To Clean Your Swimming Pool

It's a lot of fun to have your own pool and splash around on hot days in the summer! But pool maintenance is an important task that should be done diligently so that the pool stays clean and looks beautiful. If leaves and other debris get into the pool and stay on the surface of the water, your pool will not look clean. You must clean and scrub the steps, floor and walls of your pool often. Otherwise, they will be come slick and dangerous.

This piece will give you some guidelines to help you do efficient pool cleaning. Peruse it so you will have some useful information to help you the next time you're ready to clean out the pool.

You will have to purchase specialized equipment to clean your pool. For example, you will need an algae brush, a pool vacuum, a skimming net and more.

When you have all the equipment you need, you can begin your pool cleaning regimen as described here. You should first skim debris and leaves from the surface of the pool using the skimming net. That probably won't take a long time, especially if there aren't a lot of trees around the pool. Put a big trash can near you and empty the net into it periodically as you go. Continue until the pool water looks nice and clean.

Both the floor and the walls of your pool have to be cleaned, too. You must scrub the entire pool surface from time to time because algae will build up and spread across the floor and walls. The first thing you should do is completely drain the pool. Then, use a scrub brush with a very long handle. These are made especially for use in swimming pools. Be organized in your cleaning. Start at one end and work steadily toward the other end to do a thorough job. Clean the floor after the walls are finished, going across it systematically from one side to the other. For pools with tiles, buy a special tile cleaning brush in addition to your floor and wall brush.

You'll have to vacuum the pool weekly if you're going to keep it very sanitary. You can purchase an automatic pool cleaning device to clean up the dirt and debris from the floor of your pool. That will save you a lot of time and energy when you don't have to clean it by hand. However, automated vacuum systems for pool cleaning can be rather costly.

There are filters and strainers on pools to keep the drains from clogging up. Trash and leaves get into filters and strainers so these things have to be cleaned regularly. Check the filters whenever you clean the pool as they will have to be replaced once in a while.

You must also check the chemical and pH levels of your pool water, so you'll need a water testing kit.

You, your friends and family members will always be able to enjoy a clean, healthy pool when you maintain a dedicated, regular schedule of pool maintenance.

Tip: Hire a pool cleaning company if you don't have time to keep your pool clean on your own.

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