How Often A Swimming Pool Should Be Cleaned

It is incumbent upon pool owners to make sure the pool is clean. You should try to handle any issues that arise as you notice them, such as cleaning anything that looks dirty or repairing anything that does not work right. You should also be sure to vacuum the pool and clean the skimmers, pumps and tiles.

Whenever possible, it is best to clean skimmers on a daily basis. If there are not many trees near your pool, you might be able to just use the skimmers to clean it a few times per week. But if you fail to clean the skimmers, you will notice very quickly that backwash occurs in your pool more frequently. Plus, your skimmers and the pipes leading to the pump can become clogged with leaves, hair and other substances, and this can cause your filtration system to stop working.

It is advisable to vacuum the pool on a weekly basis. While there are those who advise cleaning two times weekly, this translates into a lot of labor. When pools are located near shade trees or lakes, it might be necessary to clean more often. When you vacuum, it gets rid of foliage and various debris that compromise the water's pH balance.

A weekly cleaning regimen is best for the tiles of the pool. But that is a big job, so no one can blame you if you only clean the tiles every few weeks.

A couple times during each swimming season, you should clean the pool pumps completely. This means really opening the pumps in order to perform the cleaning. A backwash may be performed according to the pressure listed on the pump equipment. When the pressure rises into the 40s, you will need to backwash as soon as you can.

It is essential to keep your pool clean in order to prevent the formation of algae, maintain consistent filtration and keep your pool looking its best. These are just recommendations, but if you feel that you need to clean your pool more frequently, you should do it. If we are talking about pools, there is no such thing as 'too clean'.

Tip: Don't spend your time on the weekends working on your pool. Hire a pool cleaning company to do it for you.

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