How Do You Keep Your Swimming Pool Water Clear?

At the beginning of the swimming season, run your pool filter continuously until your pool water is crystal clear. Algae will cause your pool water to smell bad and have a greenish tint. Monitor to ensure you have the correct chlorine concentration, then get the help of pool experts if you continue to have this issue. Your pool water will remain crystal clear if all of your equipment (e.g. skimmer baskets, lint trap, pump and filter) are in good working order. Make adjustments to the pool inlets in order to keep water toward the top of the pool circulating. You should routinely monitor and clean out both the skimmer and the pump baskets. For crystal clear water, try S.Merillat®. This product is easy to use and very effective.

Why should you balance the pH level?

The first step is balancing the pH level of the water. By doing so, you will ensure that all of your pool chemicals will work effectively. In our pool cleaning service, this is the initial and most crucial phase.

Why is sanitizing important?

The second step is sanitizing. This will help you maintain a bacteria free, clean and safe environment for swimmers. Pool cleaning tablets measuring three inches in diameter are recommended. These tablets are stabilized to provide effective results that last a long time.

What is shock?

The third step is "shock". This is the super-chlorination of pool water. Its purpose is to prevent chlorine odor and cloudy water. These are conditions that can cause irritation to skin and eyes of bathers. For the third stage of the cleaning process, apply Blast Out or Chlor-Burst™. If you want to use a product that contains no chlorine, try our trademarked Blitz. This product does a good job of cleaning on a weekly basis, and it allows you to swim without delay following application.

How do you get rid of algae?

The fourth step is the control of algae. It is important to keep algae in check if you want to have a clean, enjoyable swimming pool environment. Try the exclusive Halt Algaecide that we offer to combat algae growth. This is an extra-strength algaecide that destroys each kind of algae growth. In addition, the Halt product is convenient, produces minimal foam and does not stain hair.

Tip: Let a professional  pool cleaning company handle your routine pool maintenance, so you have time to enjoy your pool!

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